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We are one of the perfect location for your event in PJ area

Foodtech Asia Sdn. Bhd. / H Gallery Cafe serves for events / parties suitable for any religions.
We are well established on event / catering in our premise. Our chef & restaurant operator has more than 15 years experience on food preparation. Foodtech Asia Sdn. Bhd. / H Gallery Café offers a good variety of quality, freshly prepared food to our customers. Apart from that, our location is excellent for any of your occasions up to 80 pax.

You may consider our quality service and excellent food at affordable price for your private / corporate event such as Annual Dinner, Family Day, Birthday Party, Festivity Parties, Tea lunch (For Office Training), Wedding & Anniversaries, Baby Full Moon / Shower

Please call +603-74979800 / +60126461300 to make enquiries or make your booking now!!

* All menu are cater and suitable for all religions in Malaysia
* So make sure to try all our H Gallery signature dishes

Click below to view a specific menu / package for your event

Our event / catering packages generally require a minimum of 35 guests. Packages may not be combined, and prices do not include service charges / additional charges where applies. Please call our catering team / walk in to discuss your event's food and service needs or to place your order.

Menu / Package A (RM50/Person)

  • Choice of One Salad / Vegetable
  • Choice of One Tapas /Starter
  • Choice of One Main Course
  • Choice of One Fish / Seafood Dishes
  • Choice of One Side Dishes
  • Choice of One Pasta, Rice & Noodles
  • Choice of One Dessert

Menu / Package B (RM65/Person)

  • Choice of Two Salad / Vegetable
  • Choice of Two Tapas /Starter
  • Choice of One Main Course
  • Choice of One Fish / Seafood Dishes
  • Choice of Two Side Dishes
  • Choice of Two Pasta, Rice & Noodles
  • Choice of Two Dessert

Menu / Package C (RM85/Person)

  • Choice of Three Salad / Vegetable
  • Choice of Three Tapas /Starter
  • Choice of One Main Course
  • Choice of One Fish / Seafood Dishes
  • Choice of Three Side Dishes
  • Choice of Three Pasta, Rice & Noodles
  • Choice of Three Dessert

Menu / Package D (RM100/Person)

  • Choice of Four Salad / Vegetable
  • Choice of Four Tapas /Starter
  • Choice of One Main Course
  • Choice of One Fish / Seafood Dishes
  • Choice of Four Side Dishes
  • Choice of Four Pasta, Rice & Noodles
  • Choice of Four Dessert

Please discuss with us if you want a event / catering in our premises at your desire budget.

Mixed Green Salad with Condiments Russian Potato Salad
Malaysian Mango Salad (Kerabu Mangga) Traditional Ceasar Salad
Leafy Fruity Salad Green Papaya Salad (Som Tam)
Pasta Salad Chicken Waldorf Salad
Thai Beef Salad Indonesian Gado- Gado
Malaysian Ulam Roasted Pumpkin Salad with Baby Potato
Asian Style Chicken Wings Cumi Bakar Kicap
Crispy Chilli Baby Crab Tomato Salsa Dip
Calamari Rings Masak Lemak Style (Pumpkin/ Beef)
Spring Rolls Lamb Kofta
Nyonya Chicken Rendang Lamb Rosemary Meatballs
Chorizo Al Diablo Butter Button Mushroom
Beef Kuzi Eggplant Con Salsa
Potato Wedges with Garlic Maiyonaise Hillbilly spicy chicken wings
Roasted Beef Striploin with Herbs & Spice Black Papper Beef Stir- Fry
Beef Rendang Ginger Beef & Spring onion
Beef Pasamah Curry Roasted Lamb Leg with Herbs & Spice
Lamb Calapuri Lamb Stew
Lamb Curry Roasted Chicken With Thyme Sauce
Grilled Herb Chicken Rosemary Garlic Chicken
Grilled Chicken In Coconut Sauce (Percik Style) Green Chili Chicken (Masak Cili Hijau)
Ayam Masak Merah Ayam Masak Kurma
Grill Chicken Chop
Pan fried Red Snapper with Lemon Sauce Sweet & Sour fish
Grilled Ikan Pari Portugese Style Penang Fish Curry
Thai Chili Squid Gambas in Salsa
Butter Prawn with Curry Leaves Stim fish with tauchu
Brocolli, garlic & oyster sauce Japanese Tofu with Egg Sauce
Pineapple Curry (Pajeri Nenas) Vegetarian Dalcha
Stir Fried Long Beans Kangkung Masak Belacan
Sauteed Green Beans with Cherry Tomato Mash Potato
Sauteed Assorted Vegetables with Butter Herbs Western style Baked Beans
Siew Pak Choi with oyster sauce Grill Corn on corb
Stir fried assorted veggi with oyster sauce
Spaghetti Aglio Olio Alla Carbonara
Penang Char Koay Teow Curry Mee
Spaghetti Marinara Nasi Goreng Serai
Nasi Goreng Kampung Chinese Fried Rice
Nasi Kerabu Nasi Putih
Nasi Beriani Singapore Fried Beehoon
Mee Goreng Mamak
Bread and Butter pudding Agar-agar santan
Sagu gula melaka Carrot cake
Tiramisu durian Chocolate brownies
Bubur durian cha-cha Pengat pisang
Bubur pulut hitam Sri muka
Kuih lapis Fruits plater
Bingka jagung Assorted mini muffin
Mini NY cheese cake

Food & Beverage:
Menu selections must be received no later than one week prior to your function.
* A guaranteed number of guests are required 5 working days prior to your function.
* Should the number of attendance go above the guaranteed number, additional charges shall be applied
Service Charge
* A 6% service charge is applicable on all food & beverages. All prices quoted are subject to change.
Deposit & Payment
* A non-refundable deposit of 50% of estimated total of bill is required prior to confirming.
* Our catering service. The balance of payment is due on the date of the function.
* For confirmed function/event, a 50% charge will be levied in an event of cancellation 
Period Time
* Any function and event, we will give 2 hour of time for the coordinator to use the space facility that been given by us. If the function and event exceed the 2 hours’ time, certain chargers will be given to the event coordinator
* The chargers that we give, it will follow on which period that the function and event that been conducted.
* If there any further enquiries about this matter please don’t hesitate to talk to us.

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No. 1, Jln PJU 5/1,

Kota Damansara, 478810

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Email: orders@hgallerycafe.com